Radio receivers and transmitters / INDEPENDENT RECEIVERS


Fix trinary code and rolling code receivers 433,92-868,35 MHz

  • Operation with fix trinary code or rolling code receiver with RSD radio module with connector that allows modification of the working frequency
  • 2 programmable channels with monostable, bistable or timed operating logic community management to establish the number of bits that the receiver must memorise (fix code)
  • Sequential memorising of transmitters (rolling code)
  • Memory full signage (rolling code)
  • Self-learning management of radio transmitters (rolling code)
  • Replacement transmitter management
  • Possibility of memorising 250 differnet codes in self-learning (extendible up to 1000 codes with interchangeable memory)
  • Basic programming via receiver or advanced programming via IRPROGM programmer and IRTAGPROG programmer / software

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