Radio receivers and transmitters / PROGRAMMING DEVICE


PC terminarl with software for installations managment with tag and rolling code system

  • Possibility to program memories, key and TAG cards and rolling code transmitters
  • Allows the ordered filing of the installations made on the PC
  • Allows the ordered filing of the installation about users, transmitters, receivers, installations
  • Allows you to change the code assignald to a TAG key or card or rolling code transmitter and pre-asign the codes in memory to be programmed according to the requirements
  • Allos you to quickly enable a neww user thanks to the possibility of automatically generating a series od correlative codes and downloading them to the receiver
  • To enable a new user, you just need to program a programmable transmitter with one of these codes already present in memory
  • Allows you to generate a substitute transmitter that has been previously memorised in a receiver

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