Safety and signaling devices / PHOTOCELLS


FT07 (LFT25B):

  • The FT07 photocells are designed to detect obstacles in automatic door and gate installations, preventing collision with the door/gate.
  • They are made up of an infrared transmitter module (TX) and receiver module (RX).
  • If a person or object interrupts the infrared beam emitted by the transmitter (TX)  the receiver enables the corresponding relay and informs the installation control panel.
  • They also have terminals to connect mechanical or 8k2 resistive safety strips, so the strip can be connected to the transmitter, which sends the strip signal to the receiver, thus avoiding having to wire the strip to the control panel.
  • The transmitter can be battery powered, to simplify the wiring, especially if it is mounted on the moving leaf and a safety strip is also mounted on this leaf.

LFTBAT:  2 batteries AA de Litio Cloruro de Tionilo (Li-SOCL2), 3,6V 2,7Ah

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