Distributor announcement - SINCERE AUTOMATION


Distributor announcement - SINCERE AUTOMATION

Erreka is pleased to announce that we have entered into an agreement with SINCERE AUTOMATION to be ERREKA distributor for Tamil Nadu, India.

SINCERE AUTOMATION is committed to providing exceptional customer service and techninal assessment on Gate and Door Automatic solutions.

SINCERE Automation is a division of SINCERE Security Management Services Pvt. Ltd. (SINCERE), an Integrated Security Management Company. Since its inception in India in 1982, starting with 10 employees, the company has grown spectacularly in the past 30 years to our present strength of approx 3000 employees.

SINCERE AUTOMATION has a growing reputation as an innovative company that can formulate to meet customer’s requirements or solve formulation problems, offering expert technical advice and support. In cooperation with SINCERE AUTOMATION, we will offer the range of gate and door Automation products and solutions from local stock in India as well as direct promotion and training from our plant.

We expect that this will be enhanced as we work together with the teams.

Please contact Vijay Kumar, SINCERE AUTOMATION Manager Director for any inquiries or questions regarding the effective use of ERREKA products.

Vijay R.Kumar

Managing Director


Guarding | Automation | Staffing

Corporate Office

7/1,7th Street,D- Block,Anna Nagar East,Chennai -600 102

Tel: 044 - 43531184,26631689,Telefax:044 - 43531184