Who we are

We are a company with a long history in the field of automatic gates and shutters, since 1982 we have been offering our customers the best products and service.

At ERREKA we design and manufacture most of the products in our catalogue. Customer focus and service are essential to us, and we work to meet your needs through our network of local offices, dealers and in generally to put both our technical and commercial teams at the customerĀ“s disposition.

ERREKA products incorporate a high level of technology, quality and design, which allows us to give the right response to demands for reliability and ergonomics and usability for the end customer of our products.

At ERREKA we consider the certification of our products to be fundamental in order ensure their safety when on the market, as well as managing our business under the international standards of Quality, Environment and Occupational Health and Safety, and being committed to our customers, our employees and our community.

We make up the ERREKA Group

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